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Damion Omar Lee

My name is Damion Omar Lee a student and entrepreneur who recently received my Associates Degree from Borough of Manhattan Community College. While attending BMCC, I took a Introduction to Business class taught by Professor Nashon Woods which inspired and guided me into starting my own Film Production Company, Noble Filmworks LLC.

During Spring 2020 semester, we had to overcome tremendous obstacles. First, Coronavirus spread through the world affecting all aspects of livelihood. For college students, we have to quickly adjust to distant learning and online classes due to Covid-19.
Professor Woods, made our transition from lecture to virtual smooth and uncomplicated as permittable. She taught us all the structures of Business from the different types (e.g S Corp, Sole Proprietor; etc), Marketing and Promotion, and how to create a Business Plan. Ultimately, everything I learned in Professor Woods class I was able to apply when shooting my first production in June titled, Thrupple.

Here are some of the Behind The Scene photos & Videos from the shoot :

Here are some of the Videos of the shoot :