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Who We Are

Nayy Bizz Management & Public Relations, LLC combines expertise, knowledge, education, and business industry research trends as the basis of its 5C’s Diamond Point System

Our Mission

Our desire is to help solve complexities you have with the start – up of your new and or existing business and the direction in which it is currently moving with a goal to parallel your brand above your competitors hoisting “your” competitive advantage and stamping your competitive sustainability upon your internal/external stakeholders. We will redirect you and get you back on track with confidence and ease. Devising strategies which offer optimal decision making needed for “you”, “your brand”, “product” and or “service”.

Our Vission

Our vision is to become the industry’s leading consulting company in the hearts of many who understands change, diversity, and segmentation.

Our 5C’s Diamond Point System are Our Core Values That Make Us Professional

Classical Theory

Classical Theory Management and Modern Theory of Management approach by advocating, providing leadership decision-making, revenue and profit maximization thus increasing productivity.


Cultivation of your brand, insuring it is well perceived. Deprogramming unfiltered rhetoric into healthy reliable concepts and interpretations. Framing the perception of the community and your positive influence within the marketplace and public eye.

Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction needs and objectives met in a timely fashion and satisfied customers are the best source of advertisement.


Caring professional services for each client’s specifications with the goal of increasing R.O. I., exposure, brand presence, brand notability and sustainability.


Courtesy impeccable follow-up and attention to detail. We streamline the best strategic solutions for our clientele.